With more than 30 years of experience, we build edifications with quality, speediness, and economy. Our company scheme allows us to give a personalized service and easily adjust to the size of each client’s project.

Among our services, we offer:

  • Construction
  • Remodeling
  • Restoration
  • Restructuring

Every client has access to progress controls of all our services through Internet.


Our Specialties/Portfolio:

Following is a sample of some of the projects built by CPM. To see the list of completed projects go to history of projects.


  • Residential Projects
    • Luxury residences
    • Beach houses
    • Condominiums
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Casa de Playa Jiménez, Faro Escondido
Beach House Jiménez
Escondida Beach
Remodelación Casa de Playa Voell´s
House Remodeling
Playa Escondida Voell
Casa de Playa
Beach House

Casa  Faro Escondido
Faro Escondido House
 Complejo de Playa Faro Escondido
Faro Escondido Beach Complex



  • Commercial Projects
    • Buildings
    • Supermarkets
    • Fast food restaurants
For project details click on each picture.
Jacó Bay-Ramada
Jaco Bay-Ramada
Mas x Menos - Tres Ríos
Mas x Menos Tres Ríos
"La Plaza" Flamingo, Guanacaste
TacoBell Heredia

Restaurante Taco Bell
Taco Bell Vistana
"La Plaza" Flamingo, Guanacaste
"La Plaza" Shopping Center
"La Plaza" Flamingo, Guanacaste
Restaurante D´Bartolo

Restaurante Taco Bell
Taco Bell Curridabat
Maxi Bodegas, San Carlos
Maxi Bodegas, Perez Zeledon
Gas Station La Favotita, Yoses
Gas Station La Favorita, Yoses

Compañía Mercantil
Cia. Mercantil, Santa Ana
Fresh Market
Fresh Market La Paco
Maxi Bodegas, San Carlos
Maxi Bodegas, San Carlos

Purdy Motor Pérez Zeledón
Purdy Motor, Perez Zeledon
"La Plaza" Flamingo, Guanacaste
AM-PM Cariari
Palí San Rafael de Heredia
Pali, San Rafael de Heredia



  • Industrial Projects
    • Industrial Naves
    • Concrete tanks
    • Pumping Stations
    • Aqueducts
    • Treatment plants
For project details click on each picture.
Glaxo SmithKline
Laboratorio Glaxo SmithKline
Tanque Captación y...
Pozuelo Production
Plant Remodeling
Planta de tratamiento y Acueducto Puriscal
Treatment Plant and Aqueduct

Tanques de concreto AyA
Concrete Tanks AyA
Estación de bombeo Guadalupe y Maiquetía
Pumping Station




  • Restorations
Para ver detalles del proyecto haga "clic" en la foto.
Colegio Superior de Señoritas
Colegio Superior de Señoritas
Centro Nacional de la Cultura
National Culture Center



Service Goals:

At CPM our goal is You:
we are interested in becoming friends with all our clients; therefore we only accept a work volume that allows us to offer the strictest attention to each project.

At CPM we are concerned in controlling the budget of your project:
in our company we guarantee biweekly controls of the progress of projects. Each client has access to the controls of its project through Internet.

At CPM we specialize in working with speed:
with the utmost guarantee of stability, efficiency, and professionalism, at CPM we fulfill our commitments and make your project a reality, generally delivering finished projects before the convened term.

At CPM each project has its own logistic:
strategic planning based on partial critical routes and financial physical diagrams with the best quality in anti seismic technology to offer the utmost security when you make your investment.

At CPM You always lead your project:
as general contractors we adjust to all the market niches. We comply with terms and budgets with the strictest professional ethics and the support of a solid and experienced company.

At CPM we are prepared to complete your project:
our highly qualified staff has grown and learned with our company since its beginning. This enables us to give the best, most professional service with more than 30 years of solid experience in the construction field.


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San José, Costa Rica